Splendid group tours to Bingen

Plan your adventurous group vacation to the Middle Rhine

Going on vacation with a large group is always a special experience. Whether it's a club trip, a company outing or a family vacation. And if you then travel to an exciting city like Bingen, the trip can only succeed. In and around the Rhine city there is a varied offer of sights and activities for groups. Enjoy your unique group trip to Bingen together.

Make your group trip extra special. Explore beautiful cities. Hike the beautiful nature of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Experience romantic wine festivals and spectacular event highlights. Because in the group Bingen becomes a real adventure.

Exciting group excursions to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley

Day trips spice up your group trip to Bingen

A trip to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley is ideal for group travel. Here you can experience a unique natural and cultural landscape as a group. Discover mighty rock faces, historic castles and palaces, and great cultural events on your day trips. Come aboard one of the many excursion ships and experience a boat trip with breathtaking panoramas. Make your group excursion a real adventure.

Design hikes and bike tours according to your wishes. Undertake exciting city tours in Bingen and other beautiful towns in the Middle Rhine Valley. Explore the 2000-year history of the region in numerous museums. In the "Museum am Strom"in Bingen, for example, you can learn about the history of the town, its buildings and its inhabitants - especially the abbess and mystic Hildegard of Bingen. We will gladly inform you about activities for groups in the city on the Rhine.

Events for your group in Bingen

Individual planning of your group trip to the Middle Rhine

On your group trip to Bingen, you can choose from many relaxing or adventurous events. Smaller wine festivalssuch as the "Night of Seduction", exude the romanticism of the Rhine. Rhine romance and coziness. Of course, there are also spectacular major events in Bingen. The highlights include the impressive fireworks show "Rhine in Flames", the fantastic concert series "Jazz am Mäuseturm" and the large "Binger Winzerfest", the longestwine festivalon the entire Rhine.

Of course you can always contact your hosts in Bingen and we will plan your group trip together. Just give us a call or send us an email.

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    Customer testimonials

    What our guests say

    Bingen is simply beautiful. We are there at least once a year at the motorhome site in Gaulsheim. We usually visit the wine festival in Bingen. Very nice restaurants there. Very good food everywhere we've been. Tourist info very nice. All in all top.

    Doris Heinrich

    Many thanks for the organization of the city tour. Also many thanks to Mr. Jungerts, who expanded our knowledge of Bingen with wit and expertise. Also the selected restaurants were great. He did a very good job. All around a successful event. For this again to you both many thanks. Many greetings from Wuppertal

    Reinhard Engmann

    So Bingen is worthwhile in general whether the Rhine in flames the Rhine the near or the vineyards and the good wine even carnival can be celebrated well there am Palatinate but the Rhine Hesse / Kurpfalz Rhineland area is also super greetings from the Palatinate Forest ✌✌👍🌲🌳

    Joshua collector

    The Rochusberg is a beautiful corner for walks with views of Rheinhessen, the Nahe Valley and the Rheingau plus the Rhine. A place of strength on a line with the Donnersberg. Hence the Rochus Chapel, which is definitely worth a visit with its stone carvings as well as the grove around it. In autumn all the colors of the vine leaves from green to yellow and ocher to red...

    Christopher Kubaseck

    Nice staff at the tourist information. There is a lot of free information material about Bingen and the surrounding area. Also a free toilet is available, including disabled toilet and baby changing facilities. Here is also the ticket office for events in the city.


    Competent staff, had a lot of fun on the recommended tour.

    Thomas Schwarzenburg

    You had a lot of patience with me! Thank you very much for this detailed customer service and support! All the best to you, you helped me a lot and were always patient and friendly. Best regards and until the next booking!

    Jasmin Ackermann

    Great tourist information, nice staff, in a beautiful city.


    One has from the castle Klopp in Bingen on the Rhine, a beautiful view over Bingen, the Rhine shipping and the many vineyards. Interesting is also the castle fountain, and if you are still fit enough, you can climb the 150 stairs up the tower, here you are compensated with a great panoramic view. Also in history, you can expand his horizons up here still something.

    Paul Stöckl

    The Rochusberg is very beautiful for hiking all around. Everywhere are benches to rest and picnic and enjoy the beautiful view in every direction. Partially at various vantage points are available barbecue areas that you can use after prior registration.

    Silvia W.

    Rochusberg is a beautiful place, for walking and recharging your batteries. There is ample parking at the Rochuskirche pilgrimage church. A beautiful circular path with references to Hildegard von Bingen lead through the vineyards. The view from the Rochuskirche into the Rhine valley is beautiful.

    Manuela Seiter

    The museum at the river is great built and very informative, we were there especially because of Hildegard von Bingen. Not to be missed!


    The park at the Mäuseturm and the beautifully designed Kulturufer are essentially thanks to the successful State Garden Show of 2008. When the weather is nice, countless visitors flock to this place on weekends. It is simply a beautiful destination for young and old with a wonderful view over the Rhine.

    Bettina Link

    The Kulturufer, a former state garden show area from 2008, is still beautifully maintained and diversified 10 years later, invites you to relax and linger, gardens above, including harbor promenade, playground and catering also available, free parking.

    C. Sch.

    The Kulturufer is a beautiful, well-maintained facility that is definitely worth a visit. In addition to the ship berths, there is a well-balanced gastronomy. There are free (!), clean toilets, which other cities can take an example! This park is a success!